Quick Pitch Competition!

On the 23rd of February over 50 college and high school students jumped at the opportunity to pitch their business idea. Among them was….ME!

Each participant had 3 minutes 2 pitch their 1 idea. It was intense!

Let me tell you a little about the set up here.

Behind me in that picture is Memorial Stadium. Sacred to all Nebraska Football fans (so like 99% of the state). We’re pitching to big wig business executives from the community in the club level seats. So no pressure ;) As your name is called you pop up into view of the judges, only a window pane away from the vast and empty stadium. As they stare you down with years of business experience backing them, you suddenly feel reality sink deep into your stomach.


The seven of us in the picture above put our ideas on the line and went for the $1,000 dollar, yes $1,000 dollar prize! Last year I actually won this competition, which really gave me no additional advantage this year with the fierce competition at hand. Visit this article to read more about the winners last year.

Not only is this competition a chance to bring a business idea to life, but it also gives you time to create great connections with new people. Having a network is extremely important in the business world so I personally took time to introduce myself to a few people, and have meaningful conversations with them to establish a great connection. Then after our judges finished deliberating there was time for constructive criticism and feedback on our pitch.

The main criticism that stuck in my mind from the judges was the concept of FOCUSING! They told me that within the 3 minutes I was pitching they could tell I was a person with many ideas. Sure…I kinda knew that about myself, but it’s something I really need to work on! When it comes from people judging your ideas, the criticism tends to really sink in.

So in the end I didn’t win this one! But the high pressure situation mixed with the incredible connections made = a really fun and memorable experience. To see the winners of this years competition go to this page.



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