Tilapia! don’t be scared.

Ever since I watched the Vomit Island episode of the Dirty Jobs television show, Tilapia has kind of grossed me out! Here’s a quote from the sum up of the show-

“About 300,000 tilapia and carp are put in the tanks to eat the poo left by the bass. Once these fish reach harvest, Kent Seatech harvests and sells these fish as well.”

The good news? Not all tilapia is like this! and with it being one of the most loved fish in america right now…you can’t hate on it just because of some poop. :p  The truth is that most tilapia farming operations don’t do what the ^above farm does. Some people even set up tilapia farms out of their homes. (feel free to send me some if you do this) > Check out what one looks like. It kinda makes me LOL.

Not only is Tilapia tasty, but it’s great for the environment. So I guess you can go green with tilapia. (sounds slightly gross tho.) It is a sustainable seafood choice! Check out this article too! So my dinner last night?


It’s pan seared Tilapia with a caramelized onion sauce and roasted broccoli!


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