Chicken Tikka Skewers

Looking for a healthy recipe packed full of flavor! Well look no further! Spices really are the health nuts best friend. They add a ton of flavor and bring bland to BAM. This will become one of your favorite recipes evaaaa.


2 1/2 pounds boneless skinless chicken thighs

For the marinade:

2 tbsp. ground ginger

2 tbsp. garam masala

1 tsp. paprika

2 tbsp. dijon mustard

4 cloves of minced garlic

3/4 cup plain yogurt

1/4 cup chopped parsley

1 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper

(to make the chicken really red like traditional chicken tikka, add a couple drops of red food coloring!)

For the mint yogurt sauce:

2 cups plain yogurt

1 tbsp. ground ginger

1/3 cup chopped mint

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper

You’ll need 10 bamboo, wood or metal skewers. Make sure to soak the non-metal skewers in water before grilling. You can make the serving sizes as big as you like, but I usually spread this recipe out onto 10 skewers.



1. Start by cubing up the chicken thighs into bite size pieces. Put the chicken into a bowl and make the marinade.

2. Add all of the ingredients for the marinade together in a bowl and pour over the chicken. Mix really well and then put into the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours.

3. To make the mint yogurt sauce, just mix all of the ingredients together and then chill in the fridge as well.

(this whole recipe is so simple and extremely tasty!!)

4. Now once the chicken is ready to go, put about 8 pieces on each each skewer and pre-heat your grill. I look at each skewer like it has 3 sides, so each side cooks for 6 minutes. This means the total cooking time is around 18 minutes. This chicken is so flavorful and tender you’ll be sharing this recipe with everyone!


Let me know if you have any questions. (: Enjoy!



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