Happy almost Thanksgiving! So this year I’ve decided to go big or go to my room. (get it…I’ll already be at home, so where else would I go?) Yes…sometimes I think I’m funny. It won’t hurt my feelings if you didn’t lol. :)

First part of business that I have to take care of is the Turkey. In the spirit of going big, I’m going to make three different kinds of turkey:

#1- Smoked.  I’ve never done this before so I’m excited!

#2- Fried. But this will be no regular fried turkey…because I’m actually using an infrared fryer! I’ve never done this before either, so I’ll have to post more information about how this goes. :)

#3- Roasted. So my trick to take this regular turkey to another level is to totally cover it with mayonnaise! Sounds funny right? Well I’m making my own sage and rosemary mayonnaise that will help the turkey to not only become crazy flavorful, but also brown evenly while in the oven! If you’ve made a turkey before you know how difficult it is to get it browned evenly, and the egg yolk in the mayonnaise helps the oil adhere to the outside of the turkey and promote totally even browning! You never know, your turkey could end up looking as perfect as the golden brown fake ones on TV commercials.

I’m personally responsible in my family for the turkey and the stuffing/dressing. So the turkey is taken care of, now what about the stuffing:

First let me tell you this. DONT STUFF YOUR TURKEY. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria, and by the time the stuffing is done…the turkey will be way overdone. So stick to making a stuffing…that truly isn’t stuffed anywhere except into your mouth.

The kind of stuffing I’m deciding to make is: dun dun duuuuhhh- apple sage cornbread stuffing!! I haven’t made the recipe yet…so this will be a recipe to be posted later! Actually, now that I think of it, I haven’t really tested any of my recipes for Thanksgiving! Well, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m also thinking about dessert…and the thing about dessert at Thanksgiving is I want a little of everything! Apple and pumpkin pie for sure, but I even start craving the jello and cool whip dessert that my grandma always made! I’ve been asked a lot lately about how to make thanksgiving healthy, especially when dealing with desserts. This is what I say:

I’m not positive that I truly believe in Thanksgiving being healthy. If you are truly set on making a great healthy thanksgiving then I can definitely help you out. (email me at But this traditional holiday might just be meant to be soaked in butter and drown in gravy.

But I do have a healthy dessert idea for you:

Make a trifle! This is pumpkin, apple, whipped cream and cranberry sauce all in one dessert rocks! Email me for the recipe ( because this one is kind of secret. It’s healthy too!

Also: Apple Chips!

Just take your favorite crisp apple and slice it really really thin! Use a Mandolin if you have one! Then soak the apple slices in a sugar syrup…or I soak them in honey diluted with a bit of water and some cinnamon. Soak them for at least 2 hours, or overnight works even better! Then all you have to do is bake them for about 1 hour in a 200 degree oven. Yumm, these dudes rock!

Tweet me with questions about Thanksgiving!  


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