Coming to terms with breakfast

There’s a time in everyones lives that you have to just wake up and realize that you have to do something you don’t want to do. In my case I literally mean I need to wake up…and early!

A long long time ago (when I was like 6 years old) every morning started out with bacon. My mom would cook turkey bacon on the magic bacon hanger in the microwave and I would just slowly hover down the stairs as the enticing aroma lured me in. Well fast forward a couple years and a lot has changed. As soon as I hit middle school no smell would ever get me out of bed, and ever since my pre-teen days I’ve abandoned all hope of waking up early enough for breakfast. Eggs and bacon for dinner became a favorite weeknight meal and then the next morning I would be sound asleep in my geometry class.

Something has to change.

So as a wanna be celebrity chef…I figured it was about time to start eating breakfast. This is why one of my new years resolutions is to EAT IT!  My only problem with this is that breakfast in a hurry is just plain boring. Don’t you think for one minute that I’m waking up hours before school to make myself a gourmet to go breakfast! No way! So here’s what I’m doing to spice up my quick breakfasts…and as my resolution continues into a habit I’ll be posting some of these quick and tasty recipes for you to try.

Questions? Tweet me please. :)

1. Quiche in a jar- Last night I cracked two eggs into a bowl and mixed it with a little bit of milk. Then I put some chopped green onion, red pepper, spinach, salt, and pepper right in as well. I let that chill overnight and then as soon as my alarm clock annoyed me enough to get up I went straight to the kitchen and pre-heated my oven. Then into a small greased mason jar my quiche mixture went, and 20 minutes later (or however long it took me to shower…yea I take long warm showers) I had a tasty to go breakfast!

2. Quinoa- It’s the perfect breakfast food and also a complete protein. Try this recipe for my quinoa pudding…but you can also substitute regular milk in my recipe and add any kind of fruit you want!

3. Yogurt, Almond butter, and frozen fruit messy parfait- I got this idea from my girlfriend’s version of dessert…but it also works great as breakfast! Combine plain yogurt, almond butter, a bit of stevia or truvia, and any kind of frozen fruit together in a bowl. Mix and enjoy! I call it a messy parfait because you could leave it nice and pretty with layers of the different ingredients…but its just way easier to mix it all together before you run out the door in the morning!

These are my three breakfast staples so far, but don’t worry, there are more to come!

Make 2012 an amazing year by doing something amazing…(and yea, eating breakfast can be considered amazing)


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