20 Seconds

I recently saw the movie “We Bought a Zoo” and many of the sayings have just completely stuck with me…I mean this movie was full of sticky stuff! (Sticky= made a big impression)

“All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage” is one of them that helped me walk through the doors of my new kickboxing place last night. I was excited to hit the bag again…but I wasn’t excited to almost pass out in the process…I guess I didn’t realize how much I pigged out over the holidays. But what else could I of expected…Not much, considering I probably used a Paula Deen sized wheel barrow of butter from Thanksgiving to Christmas. (and no Paula’s wheel barrow is not the same size as everyone else’s wheel barrow…MUCH bigger.)

But this saying really has a lot of power. 20 seconds is NOTHING in our lives but yet it can change EVERYTHING. The bold and all caps is extremely necessary because I’m not sure you’re going to buy this concept…so let me explain.

I was on an airplane last year headed to LA and then Hawaii. (I was lucky my dad brought me along for a conference) and before we boarded the plane to LA one of our seats got upgraded to first class and I immediately nose goes’d that ticket! As I sat down I received the typical “Crap, a teenager” glare from an obvious business man. I settled into the flight and quickly pulled out my Anthony Bourdain book (“Medium Raw”) There was silence between me and my seat neighbor until finally he gazed over and saw what I was reading.

The 20 seconds began: He quickly made an effort to ask me why I was reading a book like that! “Someone your age definitely shouldn’t be reading something written by Anthony Bourdain!” He said.

My response could’ve easily been “I like it” and then on with the silence we would’ve gone…but no, I declared my passion for cooking like there was no one around…I told him about what I do and what I see myself doing in the future. This was rare for me at this point in my life to just express my passion to a random business man on an airplane. But once I uttered the words “I have a passion” I could see I completely got his attention.

Telling someone about your passion takes courage…sometimes more courage than you have. But after 20 seconds I had made a friend, someone who said “You are a lot like me when I was your age.” A complement…I think, and the rest is truly history.

A couple of months later after exchanging business cards before leaving the plane, Charles…The business man…Emailed me about coming to speak at a conference he helps put together. It was the National Restaurant Industry Conference in LA. This was an amazing opportunity that all started on an airplane.

As soon as he asked me if I’d like to do something like this you know what I thought.

Why not? (another great line from the movie)

When opportunities arise in your life I want you to take a leap and be brave! Because 20 seconds of courage is what leads you to your ultimate goals. And when you question your abilities or believe you’re not good enough just always remember to take a deep breath…ask yourself Why not? (and there’s never an answer to this question) and then let the clock tick. 19…18…17…

Always move forward and never look back. Why not isn’t a question that’s meant to be answered…It’s a question that your suppose to leave wanting more.

Always Want MORE! For yourself, for your friends, for your family, and for the good of the world.


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