For a long time making “foam” or “air” has been a trend in many restaurants. People at home would never think of making a foam to top off their food, so they just visit their favorite gourmet restaurant and are greeted by a plate with “Lemon air” or a “wasabi foam”. What I want to do is help YOU make a foam at home. Why would you want to do this? I have many reasons listed below:

  • To show off to your friends and family (duh)
  • To impress your girlfriend/boyfriend with your cooking skills
  • To be able to throw out “yea, I used some molecular gastronomy skills to make your meal tonight”
  • To get your kids to drink orange juice for breakfast (see below)
  • To make a santa beard out of candy cane flavored foam. (Why not?)
  • To make your normal meal into an extraordinary meal.

I have many other reasons, but lets just get to the point here.

Foams have been used in cooking for a long time. Whipped cream, meringue, and mousse can all be called foam. Lately though foams have turned into something entirely different! You can now take fruit juices, or pretty much any liquid and turn it into something light and fluffy.

How do you do this?

well this is the great thing about foams…they are easy to make! You can turn any of your favorite liquids into a foam, right in your own home! To make these pillowy flavors come to life all you have to do is combine your chosen liquid with lecithin, which is a neutrally flavored stabilizing agent. You can find this surprisingly healthy ingredient in your health food market, or order it online.

You only need 3 things to make a foam

  1. Your favorite juice or liquid (soy sauce, chicken broth, herb infused liquids)
  2. Lecithin
  3. an immersion blender (or whipped cream canister with N20- if you use one of these you use gelatin instead of lecithin. You allow the juice to set up in the fridge after adding the gelatin and then you whisk it into a goo. After a goo consistency is achieved you just put the mixture into the canister fitted with a N20 cartridge and foam away!)

 The picture above is my orange juice foam! I think it tops off a glass of orange juice beautifully…plus you can make your kids (if you don’t have kids you can just make if for yourself) an orange juice latte. They see you drinking coffee all the time with foam on the top, so why not add some flair to their morning drink! Feel free to experiment with all kinds of juices and let me know how it turns out!

My orange juice foam is 500 grams of oj mixed with 2 grams of powdered lecithin. If you don’t have a scale to weigh your ingredients, either get one (because weighing ingredients is much more accurate) or just do a grams to cups/tsp conversion by googling it! All you do to foam up the juice is put it into a baking dish (like a 9 by 13 pan) and sprinkle the lecithin on top. I think a baking dish works better than a bowl for making foam. Then you start blending it with the immersion blender until the fluffy stuff starts forming on the top! Then just skim the foam off the top and put it onto whatever you like!

Have fun foaming away! If you have any questions feel free to tweet me!


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