100 Dreams

Happy monday everyone!

Here’s my challenge to you this week: Create a list of your 100 dreams

Below are my 100 dreams to help spark your imagination. Just think of anything you’ve ever wanted to do! I’ll be crossing these off throughout my whole life, and every year I update and revise my dreams.

Share your dreams with me if you’d like! :)

My 100 Dreams

  1. Inspire other people to follow their dreams by passionately pursuing each of mine.
  2. Have a TV show on Food Network because that’s what first inspired me to cook.
  3. Open a restaurant that focuses on serving healthy food and helps families become healthy.
  4. Successfully host and promote my radio show and podcast so It’s very well known and respected.
  5. Become a more focused entrepreneur
  6.  Create my website so that it’s extremely unique and engaging with many new and returning guests.
  7. Own a food truck that serves healthy food that tastes AMAZING.
  8. Workout 6 days a week, or every chance I get. Even if I don’t feel like it.
  9. Have 10,000 twitter followers…and then any number beyond will be like a dream.
  10.  Eat dinner with Alton Brown
  11.  Get a meaningful and cool tattoo.
  12.  Go skydiving in the Swiss Alps
  13.  Move to California for college and always have a place to live there.
  14.  Create an online cooking show with a big sponsor. (Kitchen Aid, BHG, Vitamix)
  15.  Always be as unique and creative as possible.
  16.  Get my pilots license.
  17.  Spend a month in Vietnam.
  18.  Build a house on LOTS of land.
  19.  Live where I can see tons of starts at night.
  20.  Win a James Beard Award!
  21.  Be a guest on Good Morning America.
  22.  Be a guest on the Today Show.
  23.  Be a guest on the Rachel Ray Show.
  24.  Be a guest on the Ellen Show.
  25.  Eat dinner and have awesome conversation with Jose Andres.
  26.  Meet and talk with Jamie Oliver and then partner in some kind of project.
  27.  Get a huge sponsor to support our Fatplate radio show.
  28.  Open restaurant incubators in Lincoln and beyond.
  29.  Purchase farmland and grow all kinds of healthy and delicious foods.
  30.  Open a restaurant that uses only food from the farm.
  31.  Syndicate one of my radio shows.
  32.  WRITE A BOOK! Write more than one book actually, and get them done fast! Then be a New York Times Best Selling Author.
  33.  Go to New York City and visit Food Network and Chelsea’s Market.
  34.  Make a time capsule.
  35.  Go back to the Grand Wailea on Maui every 5 years.
  36.  Live in Spain for 1 year.
  37.  Go on a cruise to Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize again.
  38.  Buy a small house/shack in the Caribbean.
  39.  Visit Atlantis in Nassau again.
  40.  Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef.
  41.  Go vegan for a week.
  42.  Workout on the beach.
  43.  Dye my hair a crazy color.
  44.  Cook with and eat bugs.
  45.  Eat a piece of fish or other sea life on the boat that caught it.
  46.  Compete on Iron Chef America.
  47.  Go to Culinary School.
  48.  Get a degree in nutrition and dietetics.
  49.  Throw a BIG party for all the close people in my life that helped me become who I am.
  50.  Be the keynote speaker at the UCLA extension restaurant industry conference.
  51.  Create a speaking tour and go all over the United States.
  52.  Get 1,000 “Likes” on facebook.
  53.  Have a destination wedding.
  54.  Create a color-coding system for food that is served in schools. With the mission being to educate students about nutrition without them really knowing their learning.
  55.  Go on a speaking tour with a political figure.
  56.  Eat dinner with Anthony Bourdain.
  57.  Have 4 children.
  58.  Be a mentor to many people.
  59.  Visit South Africa.
  60. Always remember to give back to the community!
  61.  Always start by telling people why I’m doing what I’m doing, not just the details about what I’m doing.
  62.  Buy a boat and Jet Ski!
  63.  Have a cabin on a lake in Nebraska.
  64.  Meet the President and First Lady.
  65.  Eat my way through Europe.
  66.  Cook with an old Greek lady in her kitchen.
  67.  Never become part of a pyramid scheme business.
  68.  Always remember to BE MYSELF.
  69. Remember who my true friends are and let them always know how thankful I am for them being in my life.
  70.  Go up to Grand Island and cook with my grandma, and talk to my grandpa who I haven’t seen since I don’t know when.
  71.  Watch the sunset on the airplane beach in St. Martin.
  72.  Own sugar gliders again.
  73.  Go in one of those shark cages where I can see a great white up close and personal in its own environment.
  74.  Be involved with the UCLA extension restaurant industry conference every year.
  75.  Visit a black sand beach.
  76.  Have lunch with….drum roll please…Oprah!
  77.  Have my podcast do AMAZING on iTunes.
  78.  Buy the person behind me in a drive through at a coffee shop their drink(s).
  79.  Re-design the idea of what a kitchen should look like.
  80.  Build a mobile kitchen for speaking engagements that’s unique and cool!
  81.  Own a range rover
  82.  Own a FJ cruiser.
  83.  Help my mom open up a business.
  84.  Create a HUGE healthy eating campaign and partner with big name entertainers.
  85.  Buy a pair of TOM’s sunglasses.
  86.  Allow a needy family to always eat free in my restaurant.
  87.  Be mentioned in a lady gaga tweet. LOL.
  88.  Eat dinner with Andrew Zimmern.
  89.  Be a New York Times and LA Times contributor for food and nutrition.
  90.  Randomly be cast in a movie.
  91.  Always hand write and mail thank you letters.
  92.  Go on a cruise through the Mediterranean.
  93.  Learn how to play the guitar.
  94.  Go on an African Safari and see a giraffe.
  95.  Own a “pocket pig” as a pet.
  96.  Design a line of cooking tools.
  97.  Be the spokes person for a BIG non-profit organization.
  98.  Have a unique and fun office space. A one of a kind office atmosphere.
  99.  Look at the stars from a boat out in the middle of the ocean.
  100. Always remember Success is a journey, not a destination.

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