None of the definitions for the word awkward are attractive.

So why are we always attracted to awkward things? Embarrassing stories, weird TV shows, “different” people. I mean Lady ga ga isn’t just famous for her music. All of us are automatically attracted to things that are just plain AWKWARD!

If you know me well then you know I like to change the meaning of certain words. I like to turn something normally bad into something great! So with the word awkward I need to do some remodeling.

I’m not going to tell you about my whole remodel now, because I’m doing a presentation next week on this subject that you’ll get to see when I post it! (Click here for details) But I do want to tell you a little bit about it. (:

Awkwardness = automatic attraction. “Normal” people these days (and I use the word normal very loosely) are being drawn towards things that are “not normal.” Take Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern as an example. Foods that people would normally shun are now being accepted! Cricket Pesto, Brain Tacos, Scorpion on a stick…They are turning from “not normal” to “Normal” because everyone has been drawn toward the awkwardness of eating these foods. This doesn’t mean people are eating them all the time…it just means that they are now becoming comfortable. Andrew Zimmern is the one that’s benefiting from all of this now because he was the barrier braker…he was the awkward one…he was the one showing the not normal to the normal people. Because he broke down the wall between normal and not normal food, he’s benefiting from the respect and the credibility that it gave him.

So here’s what I’m telling you-

Being awkward is no more than breaking the boundaries of being “normal”. Our society today has a pretty strict definition of what it takes to be “normal” which means that we are not always OURSELVES! Awkward people that we look up to today, whether it’s on TV or even at school/work stand out to us because they are confident in who they are. Confidence I believe works hand in hand with awkwardness, and I want you to embrace your awkwardness and re create what normal truly is!

These are my new definitions for the word awkward-

1. Having confidence that allows you to embrace your strengths and your weaknesses to influence and gain respect from people.

2. Grabbing the attention of people by doing something thought of as “not normal”

3. Breaking down barriers by being yourself and not caring who knows!

Example: person #1- “Man this guacamole is goo…BAM! (fall on your butt)”

person #2- “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, have a nice trip? See you next fall”

person #1- “Man I’m clumsy, but that sure grabbed your attention huh!?”

person #2- “Yea, I respect how you just got up when you fell…that’s a lesson for                                            all of us to learn in life.”

Cheesy example I know…but I like it.

Make sure to look out for my Attraction of Awkwardness talk! I’ll post it in a week or two.

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