The Spork Means Business

Let me start by telling you about my love of Sporks.

Do I love them because they are retro? Do I love them because they are the most useful thing on the planet? Nope! both of those are close….but the truth is:

I just fear that If someone doesn’t start using them, then slowly the spark of the spork will drift away.

So let me show you what I got for christmas this year:   Cool right? a knoork? My mom knows me darn well. The name Spork became a registered trademark in 1969. The Van Brode Milling Co., Inc., of Clinton, Massuchests described it as a piece of cutlery combining the features of a spoon, a fork and sometimes a knife. This means that even though it has a knife as well…if can still be called a spork. (I was kinda digging the knoork actually)

If you know me well, then you know that l like to find meaning in everything. lately I’ve been relating the spork to business…Helping me be more efficient in what I do. As a small business owner myself, I’m constantly trying to be more and more productive. The trick I’ve learned though is that you have to effectively combine everything you’re doing into a single successful brand, which is easier said than done. So here’s my sporkarific observation


I describe a spoon as a calm and relaxed utensil. you use it to gently bring warm and cozy soup to your lips, or comforting and cold ice cream to your soul. (yes, ice cream goes straight to your soul) But how do I relate this to real life? Well here’s the deal…When I’m most relaxed the ideas start flowing extremely fast! Sometimes so fast that I don’t know what to do! My mind will get crowded and then all of the sudden there are new ideas shoving my old ideas out through my ears. Those old ideas were great though…so how do I get control of my dreams and head back down towards a relaxed state?

I create a list of 100 dreams. You may have read my previous 100 dreams blog, but this list is a different kind of list. I’m a person that gets my best ideas in the shower. Why? I’m not sure…but what I now do with those ideas is write them down on my Spork Dream List. These are dreams relating to my business that I’ll be able to tackle. You might think that having all of those dreams written down will still make things crazy and confusing right? That leads me to the fork….


Forks are go getters. They not only go after what they want, but the bring back a prize. (occasionally they miss the bite, but don’t worry, they never give up!) What the fork represents is your ability to choose. You have to be able to narrow down your dreams and your goals to the ones that will be most beneficial for you NOW! The future is a great thing to think about, trust me I spend a lot of time there in my brain, but being able to choose the most feasible dream is a necessity. Go through your list and pick one, maybe two projects that you can start right now. Then be a go getter and chase that dream until it brings you the ultimate prize. By taking a small bite out of your list you’ll gain experience, and gain customers just like that. Remember that It’s okay to say “no, not right now” to your dreams. You just have to know when the right time to say yes is. How do you know when the right time is? Well…That leads me to my last little rant. Careful of the knife!


Quite the amazing utensil right? Knives can be intimidating and sharp. If you don’t see it coming them BAM…no more finger. here’s how you use the knife to help your business:

Once you have chosen your one or two goals to bite, it’s time to dissect them. What is it going to take to accomplish them?

Whenever I’m cutting a steak I always have a plan. I’ll look for which way the grain is running through the meat, and then I picture what bite will be the best. Then, with a method, I cut the steak…leaving the best bite for last. (Doesn’t everyone do this?)

Having a plan just rocks. It does! I use to be horrible at creating a plan, but slowly I’ve gained some skill in this area. Sure things happen that you don’t expect, and organizing yourself can be intimidating…but by having a base plan you’ll be able to adapt to anything. So use your knife to dissect the dreams that you have chosen to tackle.

The Review

Sporks can be a part of your everyday life! Go buy one at the store! Even if you just keep it in your office reminding you to successfully combine your thoughts together…I’ll be happy! Just remember that you can spoon your dreams into an un-intimidating list. After that then you can carefully pick and choose which dream will help you the most right now, and prepare to take a bite! If your lucky enough to find a spork with a knife attached as well…then put that baby to use by dissecting the dream you carefully chose. Make a plan and believe in yourself!

Whether you are in the restaurant industry….or any other industry for that matter…You have potential to use a spork for more that just eating.


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