My mind is laying on a beach…

My day has been like a boring conversation.

As the person you’re talking to rambles on, you slowly start focusing on the scratch that you found on your thumb. “Where did it come from? …hmmm, maybe I’ll scratch it…CRAP, that hurt. Is it bleeding? yea, dang it’s bleeding. Maybe I should go get a band-aid? If I do, that would end this conversation that I’m not listening too. Hahaha, I’m looking right at you and you think I’m listening but I’m not, I’m actually talking to myself in my head…you crazy boring person.”

Get it?

My brain just happens to be somewhere else today. We all have those days where instead of being in our bodies, we just lazily observe what we are doing as if we are having an out-of-body experience. As I sit at my desk with the sunlight peering through my curtains all I can really focus on is…well nothing.

I’ve tried all day to find a quick cure, or a way to lasso my mind and yank it back into my head. Did I find a cure? No…and as for the lassoing, I actually tried but it’s a little bit impossible. Funny to watch though.

So this is what I have decided:

Everyone likes to be busy…You could be busy watching tv, busy making phone calls, busy working….it doesn’t matter what you like to do, we just all like to be busy.

So every once in a while our brains have to send us away. (Today I got sent to St. Maarten) (nice place by the way) It’s our brains way of telling us to chill. So after I recorded a radio show earlier today, I decided to do exactly that. Sure, I have to be on the air later tonight…but man this 6 hours of chillaxing is making me extremely happy, rested, and it will bump up my productivity later.

So what’s my blog really about today?

I just want to remind you all to take time to chill. Let your brian take you on vacation every once in a while. It’s always hard for me to just stop and not do anything, but sometimes that’s exactly what I need to do. There’s no quick cure, and there’s no lasso…but there is a great invention called a bed. It will get you up and going again while eliminating the out-of-body boring conversation side effects.

Just chill people. It’s good for you.


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