Airplane Networking

Back to the Airport I go!

The flying definitely doesn’t bother me…in fact, I’ve been wanting to learn how to fly ever since I was little! The craziness of the airport on the other hand is just never very fun. Something good comes out of every situation though I believe…It’s just all about being able to see opportunity.

The thing is, many people are blind to certain types of opportunity. The one I want you to see clearly from now on is called:

Airplane Networking

I’m 17 years old…and I guarantee you that every single person I sit next to on my flights today is walking away with an airplane napkin that has my website and information on it. Why a napkin? Well i foolishly forgot to have more of my business cards printed before I left on this trip to Austin. Just remember…as long as the person you’re sitting next to isn’t too extremely creepy…They can potentially share your website with many people, getting you closer to the place you want to be in life. :) I’ve met some very important and influential people on planes before, you never know who you’re sitting next to! So be a social person and strike up some conversation.

Well I’m off to get on my first plane, headed from Austin TX to Denver CO. I had an amazing time here chasing a dream, and exploring my *maybe* future school, The Natural Epicurean.

Have a great day everyone!

(I do wish I was at SXSW instead of getting on the airplane though.)

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