The “Wannabe” Generation

Ever since I was probably 4 years old I’ve had something or someone I wanted to be.

My dream job at 8 years old was to be a singing veterinarian. Slowly that evolved into me wanting to tackle the restaurant industry. (Weird transition…I know) But at 18 years old I’m still dreaming bigger than ever, waking up every morning embracing the fact that I’m a wanna be.

Usually the term “wannabe” is looked down upon in our world. If you know me well though…I like to take things and flip them into a positive light! Truly though, the restaurant industry is changing because of the new generation working in and consuming it. No longer are teenagers just working for a paycheck, oh no, they are looking for “what am I going to gain from this?”

In the following short podcast I’ll be introducing some hiring and incentive ideas to really bring quality Gen Y employees into your team. Every idea is from my own brain…an 18 year old expert on bridging the gap between generations!

Enjoy! if you have any questions make sure to tweet me. :)

How to Hire, Inspire, and learn to Admire Generation Y in the Restaurant Industry – Podcast #1


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