Headed to Los Angeles!

Hey everyone!

I’m on my way to LA ready to attend the UCLA Extension National Restaurant Industry Conference. I just had an airport salad that for some reason I ate even though it was horrible…so I’m ready to be amongst people who know what great food is!

Over the next day or so while I’m in LA I’ll be blogging, posting pictures, and blowing up the social media world I’m sure! Make sure to keep up with everything I’m doing by coming back to my website often…and following me on twitter/liking me on Facebook! 

Oh yea, and I forgot to tell you that yesterday I turned 18!!! Theres a blog coming about how I truly feel about this, so get ready and make sure your subscribed to my blog. You won’t want to miss my journey into adulthood. :)

This conference I’m attending was amazing last year! I was apart of a panel surrounding Generation Y in the restaurant industry…and I also ate some of the best food ever created by the guy with me in the picture below. If you don’t know who he is then shame on you!! But really…his name is Jose Andres and he’s the best. I was so excited to meet him, he’s definitely one of my idols!

So keep up with what I’m doing and I’ll be talking to you soon!




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