Oh The People You Meet!

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the lack of blogs lately…and if you’re wondering how GREAT the UCLA Extension Restaurant Industry Conference was, don’t worry there is a podcast coming your way. :)

For now here’s a couple of pictures for you from the conference! Yes…it’s okay to be jealous.

First here I am with the morning keynote Chip Conley. He’s a very famous hotelier and told great stories while really teaching you how to connect with your emotions. He talked about how in the business world we seem to forget that we are ALL human. Find his book, emotional equations, everywhere that books are sold! I’m working on booking him as a guest on my radio show, so stay tuned for that!

Next is me with one of my idols, Danny Meyer! He is THE restaurateur and owner of the Union Square Hospitality Group. If you don’t know who he is…well you can visit the link I gave you, but if you call yourself a foodie Danny Meyer is someone you have to keep up with. His keynote talk at the conference was just plain awesome and inspiring. I’ll be trying to book him on my radio show as well!

Finally is a picture of me with the great Charles Aeh! Last year I met him on an airplane! he’s the whole reason I discovered this conference and was able to be a speaker last year. The advice he gave me this year is priceless “Don’t go too fast”

I always feel like I need to be as successful as fast as possible…but the truth is I’m just excited to take it slow, take in everything I can, and generously give without expecting anything in return. Thank you Charlie for all your help and support!

There is a podcast to come surrounding this conference, so look out for that!

Thanks for sticking with me through this busy time! I can’t wait for some new things to launch here in the next couple months. You’ll love it all!

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