It’s 10°

Just a couple things :)

1. Merry Christmas! I hope you are all smiling after seeing what Santa brought you. I know I am! It’s really easy though to get caught up in receiving gifts and wanting more and more. I just want to let you know that If you’re reading this, then I’m thankful for you. I smile every time anyone likes my posts, comments, or follows my blog.

2. It’s almost the new year! I want to hear what your New Years resolutions are so I can feature them on my radio show this week! So please comment below to let me know, and you can always share your favorite holiday recipe with me as well!

3. New Videos are coming your way at the beginning of the year! Yay! I’ll be doing Vlogs as well as cooking videos. Click on my video tab above to learn a bit more.

4. It’s 10° in Lincoln Nebraska currently and I’m freezing my a$$ off! If you’re somewhere similar I strongly suggest drinking lots of homemade chai tea.

So I hope you all have an amazing day and spend it smiling with the ones you love. I’ll be sharing some information about a Dr. OZ cleanse that I’m currently doing with you soon. Yea…I’m cleansing over christmas! New tradition? Hmmmm…we’ll see.



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