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Tanner with Celebrity Speaker James Malinchak and Celebrity Dentist Bill Dorfman

He likes to grill, bake, braise, reduce, knead, mix, fold, fluff, sprinkle,drizzle, sear, saute, create, eat, cook, serve, teach, and inspire.

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Each talk that Tanner gives is Passion and Content driven!

Tanner will bring you and your audience a recipe for success. After being published and recognized nationally for his accomplishments, Tanner has set out to teach and inspire everyone he meets. Make sure to contact Tanner’s booking agent {AKA Mom} today to bring him to your next event! 402.450.8095

Youth Event?

As a 19-year-old, Tanner can relate to youth audiences in a way that no other speaker can. He knows what it feels like to have the pressures of school pushing you in so many different directions. Talks about Leadership, Networking, Marketing, Branding, Bullying, Peer Pressure, and Cooking are just a few of Tanner’s specialties.

“Learn to fit in with yourself, and you’ll realize how much you stand out.” – Tanner O’Dell

Fit In to Stand Out is Tanner’s main keynote that explores a new trend: Being YOU!

By fitting in with yourself you will open doors to discover positive leadership and networking opportunities. Bullying and peer pressure are all a thing of the past! Each talk that Tanner gives is a production that not only brings the topics to the forefront, but also gives simple and easy to implement solutions that each person from the audience can follow.

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After listening to Tanner, the audience will leave with motivation to do something BIG! Tanner breaks down the walls of cliques and brings out each persons ‘true self’.

Corporate Event?

Generation Y can be extremely confusing, especially for employers! Tanner’s goal is to make this generation easy to understand…but is that really possible?

Of course it is! Marketing, internal communications, and Networking like a teenager are all Tanner’s specialties.

As the authority on teen networking, Tanner has mastered the art of connecting generation y with the other generations. Communication is key, and he will take you through multiple steps to help you and your company connect effectively with generation y.

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**New Keynote available at a special price! “How to Hire, Inspire, and Learn to Admire Generation Y” Has been given great reviews and will bring great content to your next event! For a limited time this talk from Tanner will be offered at a discounted price. Call 402.450.8095 for more information! 

Breakout Sessions and Cooking Demonstrations are now available!

Other available talks and breakout sessions include:

  • “I Get To” not “I Have To” | A talk about how to bring positivity into your every day life
  • Macaroni and Cheese Life | It’s the circle of life…macaroni and cheese style
  • Surviving High School | How to get to graduation in one piece
  • How to be a marshmallow | Be sweet, be sticky, learn to network like a marshmallow
  • Paula Deen | Learn to embrace you awkwardness and show off your inner Paula
  • Purple Potatoes | Standing out is more fun when you have other potatoes to hangout with
Tanner has given a talk at both TedxOmaha and TedxLincoln. Find the videos HERE.
Click here to see Testimonials, Comments, and Recommendations

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