“Tanner is a very mature and engaged member of the restaurant industry. He has an incredible drive, personality, work ethic and was a valuable asset as a speaker and participant in our annual restaurant industry conference attended by over 350 industry decision makers. Young entrepreneurs like him are a breath of fresh air and give hope to Gen Y. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him”

Van Anderson- Program Director for UCLA Extension 

“One of the smartest “kids” you’ll ever meet, and one of the best radio interviewers I’ve ever worked with”

Clint Arthur- Iron Chef America Judge, Best Selling Author, Owner of the 5 Star Butter Company, Founder of “The Last Year Of Your Life” program. 
“Tanner O’Dell is the epitome of the words “ACTION” &  “PASSION”! I have met very few people and especially his age who are as action-oriented and passionate about life & his dreams than Tanner! He has the very rare ability to make people think and more importantly to “act” on what he’s saying to them during his powerful and engaging presentations! Tanner inspires me and makes me want to be better & do better in every area of my life!
I recommend my friend Tanner O’Dell without reservation!”
Aaron Davis- Author & Speaker

“It was such a pleasure to have you as our guest speaker at this month’s Lincoln Women’s Chamber of Commerce dinner meeting on Saturday, January 21st. I’ve never seen the members so intrigued and attentive while enjoying their meal. Your demonstration of knife wielding and fruit preparation was well received and enjoyed by all. You are such a talented young man with a definite “gift for grab”…we could listen to you all day. Your talent was only surpassed by your generosity and friendliness. I know this event will go down in history as one of the more memorable dinner meetings. We wish you well in your future endeavors and hope to see you on the Food Channel real soon.”

B.J. Dennis- President of the Lincoln Women’s Chamber of Commerce

“Tanner is a born professional and was a natural on the stage at Ignite Lincoln 3. When it comes to someone so young, I’m inclined to say he shows a lot of potential, but it’s clear that he’s living up to his ambitions already.”

Justin McDowell- Ignite Lincoln Organizer

“Tanner is the speaker for you! Tanner O’Dell is an amazing high school student that will motivate young and old alike to pursue their dreams.

Tanner uses his metaphorical comparison of making a savory pot of macaroni and cheese to life and its many obstacles… the incredibly rich mac and cheese, not just the boxed stuff. Some may even call his mac and cheese fat, but Tanner will let you know that being called fat is not a bad thing! He will show your group that they may have to endure a little hot and bubbly water that might even be a little uncomfortable to create a wonderful end product.

I would highly recommend Tanner O’Dell as a guest speaker for any event that needs to be fun, creative and enlightening to all involved. Tanner is a well rounded speaker that will entertain audiences of all ages. You will be delighted with the poise and character of this young man.”

– Kristine M. White- Raymond Central School

More Pictures and testimonials to come!